The online casino a new sponsor of the Brazilian soccer team

The online casino a new sponsor of the Brazilian soccer team

Brazil hasn’t fully embraced the concept of online gambling, but this isn’t stopping progress As public support for legalized gambling grows, a soccer club has signed an online casino as a sponsor.

The club announced that they had a new title sponsor. The arrangement only lasts until the end of the 2022-23 season. Both the men and women are wearing shirts with the logo on them.

It was the first online casino in Brazil and the 54th most-visited website in the country in May. In May, there were 24.1 million total visits, an 18% increase over April.

There is an effort to increase the relationship between entertainment and online gambling. It has more than 2,000 games and 12 million registered players after three years.

Taking elements of casual and social gaming and turning them into a betting product is what Blaze hopes to define a new category in the gaming space. The platform and content are designed to disrupt the status quo of online gambling by introducing elements other solutions don’t offer.

John Textor, the former FuboTV executive chairman and majority shareholder of Botafogo, called Blaze the ideal partner in announcing the sponsorship. The platform was referred to as the “chosen one” by him.

Thairo Arruda took a tongue-in-cheek approach to the partnership. He said that the club will be able to set fire to the field. Arruda said that the online gambling platform sponsors Felipe Neto, a huge Botafogo fan, as well as one of the biggest influencer in Brazil.

Brazil is not following in the footsteps of the Netherlands, which is reducing the connection between sports and gambling. The Botafogo sponsorship announcement is the second of the week and follows an arrangement between bookmaker BetCapital and soccer club Figueirense.

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In addition, BetCapital will appear in print and digital ads at the Cambirela Training and Training Center. There will be a presence on the team’s social media channels and website. On the official Rdio TV Figueira, Blaze will appear.

In Brazil, the primary soccer competition is the Serie C of the Brasileiro. The team is currently in ninth place after 13 days of the first stage. The G8 is a group that will ensure qualification for the second phase of the national contest.

Bet Capital became a sponsor of Paran Clube. The brand appears on the sleeve of the uniform through an agreement that runs until the end of next year.

The deadline for the legalization of sports betting in Brazil is in December of 2022. The deadline was established by the enactment of a law in December. The regulation requires the Ministry of Finance to regulate fixed-fee lotteries within four years.

Bolsonaro is not in a hurry to meet the deadline. He is hoping to garner more support by walking the political fence until after voters head to the polls.


Brazilian football club Botafogo has signed online casino Blaze as its new title sponsor until the end of the 2022-23 season. Both the men’s and women’s sides are already wearing the logo on their shirts. Blaze was the 54th most-visited website in Brazil in May and the first among online casinos, according to website tracker SimilarWeb.