The 150th Open Championship will feature Tiger Woods

The 150th Open Championship will feature Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is either the best golfer of all time or the second best golfer of all time. The age of the people discussing whether Woods or Jack Nicklaus is the greatest golfer of all time is the main factor in the debate.

Woods needs to win at least three more majors to tie the record. The home of golf where Woods has won two of his three Open Championships will be where he tries to add to his esteemed trophy case this week.

The 150th playing of The Open Championship takes place this week. The Open will return to the Old Course, where the modern game was born.

Woods was almost killed in an automobile accident in February of 2021. Since then, he hasn’t played well enough to win a tournament. People are hoping for a miracle on Sunday.

Unless Tiger Woods does the seemingly unthinkable this weekend and wins his first major since the 2019? which certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility, oddsmakers will fare well with the 2022, Open. Woods is in control of much of the pre-tournament betting action.

Tiger is the book’s biggest liability for the fourth and final major of the year, according to BetMGM. According to the MGM Resorts sports betting unit, Woods is responsible for 8% of the overall money on the tournament.

A $100 bet would net $6,600 if Woods were to win. BetMGM lengthened Tiger’s Open odds from 40/1 to 66/1 in order to get as much handle on the 15-time major winner as possible.

A bettor placed $4,500 on Woods at 40/1 before the book extended his line. If Woods wins his fourth Open Championship, the bet would net $180,000.

BetMGM is not the only one taking a lot of Open bets on Woods. Tiger is behind 14 of its Open bets and 13 of its handle at DraftKings.

Woods played an 18-hole practice round yesterday at St. Andrews, and was back on the Old Course this morning for 9 holes, where he posed for a photo with Nicklaus on the 18th hole’s Swilken Bridge. According to reports from on-site media, Woods is not 100%.

Woods was unable to play in the US Open because of a leg injury he sustained in a car wreck. The Open is celebrating its 150th this week and so he sat out the tournament.

The consensus favorites are, from left to right, Scottie Scheffler, Jordan Thomas, and Jon Rahm.

Thursday is the opening day of the Open.


Tiger Woods is responsible for 5.8% of its Open tickets and 8.4% of the overall money on the tournament, according to MGM Resorts sports betting unit. At 66/1, a $100 bet and a Woods win would net $6,600. The book recently lengthened his Open odds from 40/1 to 66/1 to garner as much handle on the 15-time major winner.