MLS Soccer Stadium could be a neighbor of Boston Harbor

MLS Soccer Stadium could be a neighbor of Boston Harbor

The economic activity in the surrounding area is stimulated by the Boston Harbor, which is located across the river from the capital city. There are rumors that a new Major League Soccer stadium could be near the integrated resort.

The owner of the football and soccer teams in New England has been looking for a location to build a soccer stadium for a long time. The Revolution have played their home games in Gillette Stadium since 2002.

The nearly 66,000-seat NFL stadium is too large for MLS games, according to the richest person in the world. The average number of fans at a Revolution game is 15,000.

After many years of searching, he believes he has found an ideal location for his MLS venue. The Wynn Resorts casino is located next to the 43-acre property.

Massachusetts lawmakers quietly tucked a provision into a larger economic development omnibus that appears to clear the way for the MLS project to come to light across from Boston Harbor.

The amendment exempts the property from the environmental protections. These include height, setback, open space, and other requirements.

Wynn Resorts didn’t comment on the possibility of an MLS stadium coming near its casino. The group declined to comment.

Environmentalists did not back down

If there is a sensible justification for allowing a major sports development to be built on the banks of the Mystic, the developers should present their case and allow the public to weigh in.

Campbell said there was a process for changing the boundaries of designated port areas. Allow them to subject their proposal to the test of that process rather than cutting a sweetheart deal, if there is justification for doing it.

The economic development bill needs the support of the Senate. Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says he will likely sign the legislative package if it gets similar backing as it did in the House.

Major League Soccer is not a major handle generator for legal oddsmakers in the US. An MLS stadium next to Boston would increase interest in the sport in the area.

A joint committee was formed last month after the Massachusetts House and Senate disagreed on how to best regulate sports gambling. The legislature is going to adjourn at the end of the month, so the committee needs to reach a common ground.


Billionaire Robert Kraft, the owner of the NFL New England Patriots and MLS New England Revolution, has for many years been scouting a location to build a professional soccer stadium in the Boston region. His Revolution has played its home games in Gillette Stadium, which is primarily the Patriots’ home, since 2002. Kraft is worth an estimated $8.3 billion by Forbes.