The game is by Hot Rise Games

The game is by Hot Rise Games

The newest slot from Hot Rise Games is being released by Yggdrasil and ReelPlay. The studio that developed its own Hot 1 game mechanic is likely to make another knockout game out of the new game, called Monsters vs Gigablox. While collecting big wins, players are invited to tap into their fear of monster-like creatures that rule over a deserted city in flames. The game features a game engagement mechanic, which can land an oversized symbol on new spins. The symbols can be as small as 22 and as large as 66.

The Ultimate Monster Battle is open to the public

The Ancient prophecies that foretold the battles between the giant monsters that will decide our fate are the basis of the game. It has been designed to show a bird’s eye view of a city in flames that surrounds the grid with 50 pay lines. The main game symbols are colorful and can be found in a large variety of sizes, with low-paying symbols in the form of cards from 9 to A ranks, followed by a total of six premium monster symbols, and the mighty King Kong character. There is also a movie called monsters vs Gigablox.

Wild symbols are represented by golden crowns. The golden crowns are used by players to complete a winning line. The scatter symbol in the game is represented by the “VS” symbol. The free spins are triggered when a minimum of five scatter symbols appear on the grid. One of the monsters will turn into a rampaging monster after the free spins bonus round is over.

The players will get up to 40 free spins

The game will give you a maximum of 40 free spins. During the triggering spin, the monster symbol that is shown most often is turned into the champion. The game automatically selects Kongo King as the champion if there is no monster symbol. The exclusive monsters symbols are all the Gigablox symbols during the bonus round. The game’s champion symbol pays twice as much as the wild symbol in all wins.

In some countries, players can buy the bonus round in exchange for 75x their stake. Stuart McCarthy, Yggdrassil’s head of product & programs described the game as one that brings an exciting, apocalyptic environment to the grid. He said the inclusion of the GEM mechanics is an excellent addition to the YG Masters portfolio. David Johnson spoke about the company’s partnerships with a large number of independent gaming studios that enable them to prove theirVersatility in terms of game development.

The Jokrz Wild Ultranudge, a retro classic slot, was launched at the end of May by Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil and Peter & Sons collaborated on the release of the Water Blox Gigablox Slot.


Hot Rise Games’ latest slot is called ‘Monsters VS Gigablox’ and is being released by Yggdrasil and ReelPlay. The game features a game engagement mechanic, which can cause an oversized symbol to land on a new spin. The size of the symbols can range from 22 to 66. Golden crowns are represented by wild symbols in the movie.