“The Egyptian Cat-Themed Slot was launched by Play’n GO.”

“The Egyptian Cat-Themed Slot was launched by Play’n GO.”


There is a new online slot game called ‘ImmorTails of Egypt’ by Play’n GO. The Ancient Egypt deity ancestors of the three cats are named Mafdet, Sekhmet and Bastet. There are different symbols in the game, as well as free spins and expanding reels. George Olekszy, Play’n GO’s games ambassador, called the new game a really fun game to play.

The Ancient Egypt and cat themes are two of the most popular and sought-after themes in the history of online slots. ImmorTails of Egypt has recently been added to the company’s remarkable catalog of well-known games, which was created in 2005 and began as a small team in Sweden. There are a lot of cool game features in the new game, including multipliers, free spins, expanding reels, and changing symbols.

The cats need your help to protect their treasures

Mafdet, Sekhmet, and Bastet are the cute-looking cats that were named after their Ancient Egypt deity ancestors. The lovely kittens are equally mischievous and so watching their adventures on the reels is anything but dull. The lovely creatures have powers that allow them to protect their treasures from Apep the serpent. The Expanding Wilds feature within the game will allow you to watch them turn from kittens and adult cats.

A series of excellent visual elements were created by the designers of the game. The action takes place on a grid that has an Ancient Egypt tomb as a backdrop, with pillars that are covered in hieroglyphics with various cat symbols.

The kittens are relaxing on top of the grid, which makes it easy for players to keep an eye on their progress. The number of kittens will soon be turned into Expanding Wilds and this allows players to anticipate that. Another example of the gaming studio’s commitment to its motto of “entertainment, enjoyment, and excellence” is how the young cats grow up to become adult cats and interact with Apep.

There is more action at the table because of the free spins round

The reels will expand from the standard 53 grind to a new 54 grid after the Free Spins are activated. A multipliers will be applied to the grid in order to open a locked treasure chest filled with mouth-watering wins.

George Olekszy is the games ambassador for Play’n GO and he said the new game is a really fun game to play with crystal clear goals and the chance for players to watch their progress in real-time. The company was granted a license to operate in New Jersey at the beginning of the month. There was a new title added to the series in August.