Prized Pets were released by Yggdrasil and Northern Lights

Prized Pets were released by Yggdrasil and Northern Lights

A new hit slot with a petshop theme and the popular Gigablox reels is being released by Yggdrasil. Prized Pets Gigablox is based on the GATI technology, has 25 pay lines, and introduces players to a series of exciting bonuses and features.

The Metrics Overview for Prized Pets Gigablox

The Northern Lights have used Gigablox for the first time

The main goal of Northern Lights is to create the best high-end video slots to hit the market. The company has produced high-end video slots over the years by collaborating with the top creators, designers, and game developers on the market. In the UK and other parts of the world, some of their most successful accomplishments can be found on both mobile and desktop systems, and they are available with major operators.

Andrew Goodale, the company’s chief executive officer, commented on the new release, explaining that the game is the pioneer game that Northern Lights has created using the Gigablox mechanic together with the YG Masters program. Goodale said that the company was very pleased with the finished product as it is a game that will carry exciting concepts onto the market.

Stuart McCarthy, Yggdrasil’s head of product and programs, called Prized Pets Gigablox a new and exciting game that was created with the help of one of their most successful game engagement mechanics. McCarthy said that Yggdrasil is eager to explore fresh themes with their proven mechanic.

Scoop up the wins with the Joyful Peshop

The design of the game introduces players to a cute pet shop with cute animals. You think of a walk down Broadway boulevard when you listen to the cheerful background music. Food cans and chew toys are included in the background of the pet shop. The main grid is in the middle of the screen while the Pot Bonus prizes are on the right side of the screen. During the base game, the friendly pets and the Gigablox will keep landing. All symbols will range in size starting at 22 to 66 on the Gigablox reels.

The symbols are turned into wild symbols when the pets start chewing them. The Chomp Chomp Wild Bonus can be triggered after every new spin.

The adventurous animals inside the petshop throw their own Free Spins party as night falls, bringing players extra wins and wild symbol perks. The game has a Pot Bonus that could win you up to 5000x your initial bet. A minimum of five Scatters is required for the Free Spins round to start. If the Scatter lands as a Gigablox symbol, it increases the chances of the bonus being launched.

At the beginning of August, Yggdrasil and ReelPlay collaborated with Hot Rise Games on a project. Buffalo Blox Gigablox was launched by Yggdrasil and Jelly at the end of June.


Prized Pets Gigablox is a new video slot that is based on the GATI technology. There are cute animals in the game such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens. The game has a Pot Reel round that could cause wins of up to 5000x the initial bet.