Big Time Gaming is a partner with BeyondPlay

Big Time Gaming is a partner with BeyondPlay

B2B engagement software developer BeyondPlay signed a new partnership with Big Time Gaming. Big Time’s products will be included in BeyondPlay’s portfolio of games.

There is a history of successful cooperation between the two companies

The founder and CEO of BeyondPlay announced the news on the company’s website. She was positive about the new partnership and compared it to their previous collaboration with Big Time Gaming, LeoVegas Group, and They launched the slots game Danger High Voltage during a live stream. The launch included a set of custom betting features that allowed betters to play together.

It was one of the first times we saw the true potential of the gaming community.

The experience was described as a sneak peek into the future by Pelc. According to her, the legendary slot title allowed BeyondPlay to experiment with shared playing experience as a new form of spectator engagement. The campaign won the most innovative marketing campaign of the year award and proved that live streaming was a potent tool for driving engagement. Live streaming of new game releases have become a standard practice for many operators.

The focus of BeyondPlay is on the experience in the community.

The CEO of BeyondPlay did not say anything about the new partnership. It is safe to assume that it will follow in the footsteps of its previous cooperation with Big Time Gaming. Big Time has an extensive collection of quality titles and their ability to introduce revolutionary game mechanics was praised by Pelc. She showed her confidence that the two companies could repeat their success by thanking the game developer for their continued support.

Big time. Karolina Pelc is excited about where this partnership will take us.

According to BeyondPlay, their new product will be just as promising as the previous collaboration between the companies. There will be an official press release with detailed information this week and a post from BeyondPlay Chief Operating Officer Jacqui Gatt, according to the post announcing the new project.

The B2B software developer had another chance to show off its technology thanks to a partnership with Pragmatic Play. Operators and suppliers can use BeyondPlay’s software to offer a new experience on existing content. Multiple players can interact with each other and combine their stakes in a single slot game session. It will soon be clear how the new product will improve this experience.


B2B multiplayer engagement software developer BeyondPlay announced that it has signed a new partnership with Big Time Gaming. BeyondPlay will include some of Big Time’s products in its operator-oriented portfolio of multiplayer-enabled games. BeyondPlay Founder and CEO Karolina Pelc said, “The excitement about where this partnership can take us is… BIG TIME.”