The Poker Hall of Fame has a public-nominations window

The Poker Hall of Fame has a public-nominations window

One or more deserving women will be added to the roll of prominent female players and industry workers when the Women in Poker Hall of Fame reopens after a four-and-a-half-year hiatus. Anyone can submit their favorite poker players for consideration during the public nomination phase of that procedure.

The public-nomination window will remain open through September 1. This is where the nomination form can be found.

It has been more than four years since the last time the Women in Poker Foundation helped honor prominent women in the poker world. The entire 2020 election cycle was put on hold after the start of the COVID-19 epidemic. During Las Vegas’s Women’s Poker Week activities in June, a banquet and other events are included in the biennial induction phase.

The festivities were moved to the fall in order to make sure that the process could be handled properly and that the ceremony could be held as planned.

There are some qualifications for consideration

Since its inception in 2008, the Women in Poker Hall of Fame has recognized 20 women for their outstanding performance and/or accomplishments to the game. Mario Ho and Lupe Sote were the most recent inductees into the Hall of Fame.

The requirements for consideration are listed below.

The speed at which the WiPH will be in 2022

Each cycle has a three-phase process for selecting its hall of famers. The three phases remain largely unchanged from earlier cycles despite the fact that the dates have been shifted by several months. The following are the following phases.

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There are nominations for things.

There is a voting booth.

On October 27th, there will be a public announcement of the recipients of the 2022. The exact location and time of the December 17 ceremony have not been announced.


The Women in Poker Hall of Fame has opened a public-nomination window for women in poker to be considered for the Hall of Fame. The first step in that process is a public-nomination window, in which anyone can nominate their favourite women in poker for consideration. Through September 1, the public-nomination window will remain open.