The Main Event champion is Espen Jorstad

The Main Event champion is Espen Jorstad

It is over. If you include the Day 1 and 2 flights, it takes thirteen days to play. There were nine days worth of blind levels. It’s still a decent half-marathon of tournament poker despite being stretched out by the streaming schedule.

There were 8,662 players who entered and 8,663 who played in the card game.

Espen Jorstad won the bracelet and the $10 million first prize. Jorstad won the title with Adrian Attenborough winning $6 million. There is a little under $9 million in Australia.

Jorstad called his mom after his victory.

I apologized to you, because my mom was watching the stream, but I won. In front of the massed bricks of hundred dollar bills, Jorstad told the press that she was in tears.

I believe she was already crying when she watched it. She was a lot more nervous than I was. She was crying before I told my grandma how far I had come. I had a few tears of my own. It was very emotional to hear how happy she was.

Jorstad asked for a little time to process how he felt.

He thinks it’s going to mean a lot in a few days. It doesn’t feel right right now. I was so focused on the match. I just came in to play poker. I didn’t pay much attention. I didn’t think too much about what was at stake.

Jorstad, Attenborough, and Michael Duek came back on the final day. The three of them had time between sessions to watch the previous day’s live stream. Jorstad had the opportunity to assess his opponents and gain respect for their game.

Jorstad didn’t want to meet the one guy he didn’t want to talk to. He has been giving me the most trouble throughout the tournament. He was winning every pot against me on Day 6. I wanted to get this guy out of here. I was like, “Oh, not like this” after I ended up heads up with the guy. Fortunately, I kept making good hands. The cards were in my favor today.

John Eames lost his stack after running ace-jack into Jorstad’s pocket kings. Jorstad was beginning to feel like an inevitability at this point.

He was in the top five by the end of Day 6 after the field had been reduced to four tables.

He held onto the chip lead all the way to the bracelet after coming to the final table.

The final table performance of Jorsdtad can be watched on Poker GO. You can watch the Main Event starting from three-handed play for free.

Poker GO is the featured image source.


Espen Jorstad has won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event and the $10 million first prize. Jorstad beat Adrian Attenborough heads up to take the title, with Attenborough winning $6 million. “I just told my mom sorry for spoiling this to you, because she was watching the stream, but I won. She was instantly in tears,” Jorstad said.