There is an expired CA$15M ticket

There is an expired CA$15M ticket

The clock is running as the British Columbia Lottery Corporation reminds its players of an expiring Lotto Max ticket worth millions of Canadian dollars. The ticket that was purchased in August of last year is worth an amazing CA$15 million. The winner has yet to claim it almost a year later.

The main prize of the lottery game is CA$70,000,000, which makes it one of the most popular lottery products in Canada. The game is played twice a week, with one round on Tuesday and the other on Friday. Several Maxmillion windfalls, each worth a hefty CA $1 million, can be offered by the game.

The winner is not currently located

According to the Crown agency, the winning ticket for the draw on August 13, 2021, was purchased in Vancouver and was worth CA$15 million. The winning number combination is 1-14-17-20-28-32-38. Everyone from the region who has purchased a ticket is urged to double-check their tickets.

Players can check their ticket for possible winnings at any BCLC lottery retailer across the province, or even easier by using the BCLC Lotto! app. The rules state that winners of lottery prizes have up to 52 weeks from the draw date to contact the agency and claim their winnings.

The exact location of the point of purchase for the CA$15 million ticket cannot be revealed in order to ensure the integrity of the prize claim process. The agency will announce the winner’s name once they contact the agency and claim it. The Crown wants everyone to double-check their beach bags, desks, suitcases, glove boxes, and everywhere else that locals may have put the winning ticket in.

A local player in B.C. won an amazing CA$30.8 million from the July 8 draw, which was played online on Their winning numbers are 07, 12, 14, 18, 46, 47 and 49 and they were the sole winner of the hefty prize.

The year was a record breaking one for the lottery

Last year, the Crown corporation reported a record-setting year for lotto winnings with more than CA$891 million awarded in cash prizes, according to the BCLC’s annual lottery report. The total winnings have come from over 100 million winning tickets, thus proving to be a prolific year for many lottery enthusiasts.

Christine Lauzon won the largest cash prize of CA$70,000,000 from the September 28 draw of Lotto Max. She is the record-setting winner of the largest lottery win in the history of the province. The Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley had the largest portion of lottery prizes, as they claimed over 400 million dollars in prizes.

Do you think you are the winner? After August 13th, a fifteen million dollar Lotto Max ticket can be purchased.


The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has urged its players to double-check their tickets after a Lotto Max ticket worth 15 million dollars was purchased in Vancouver last year. The winning ticket for the draw was drawn on August 13, 2021. The exact location of the point of purchase for the ticket can’t be revealed by the BCLC.