Will player trust change the gambling industry?

Will player trust change the gambling industry?


Leadstar Media’s VP of Marketing said that the importance of communicating a sense of trust and safety to customers is a key pillar to their success. “We believe we excel at generating credibility with our consumers by clearly stating to them that we only feature licensed and legal operators,” he said.

Trust in the gambling industry has always been a hot topic, with operators and regulators experiencing a classic love/ hate relationship over licensing rights, compliance, andsustainability on a global scale.

In recent years, it has become apparent that those who are hitting the heights of customer retention are putting trust first, with gambling veterans like Paddy Power and Bet 365 leading the way. With the risk of driving the industry underground, integrity and security are now necessities in order to keep the industry compliant.

At Leadstar Media, we understand the significance of conveying a sense of trust and safety to our clients as a fundamental pillar to our success across all of our various products, in all of the more than 30 different geographies we are presently operating in.

Understanding the reasons for trust in operators is important

There were pain points around trust and the industry leaders wanted to learn more about what this meant for online betting. After conducting a survey asking if online sports betting should be legalised in the US, a majority of respondents voted yes.

The survey found that trust was the most important factor in choosing an operator, with 39% of respondents choosing that over any other aspect.

How does the operator make sure they are getting the trust of their customers?

Leadstar Media believes that it is important to be upfront and direct with customers in a way that builds trust in their brand as well as those they work with. It is our belief that we excel at generating credibility with our consumers by clearly stating to them that we only feature licensed and legal operators on our website in as many instances as possible.

Only 37% of people would be able to identify a licensed sportsbook, according to the survey. This begs the question: If true, where does this fit in brand marketing? Do affiliates and operators need to do more to highlight their credentials to the client in order to generate trust?

Trust can be instilled through marketing and product offerings

When it comes to player transparency in the gambling industry, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. It is difficult to achieve this with such a spotlight on compliance and new regulations coming into effect, and that is why companies have to find new initiatives to help show the customer what they want to see. What will the outcome be? Retaining customers that would have fled to the other side is a smart way to outsmart your competition.

Being able to convey a sense of trustworthiness in our brand, as well as the various gambling brands that we work in conjunction with, is essential in terms of customer acquisition and retention when operating here in the United States.

The online gambling sector is no exception, as it is tied to people’s personal finances, and the US market tends to tread very carefully.

It is imperative that we, in the industry, take note of the changes to customers’ focus and implement this ideology into our strategy moving forward.

Player safety and integrity were once thought to go against the commercial advantages of businesses. The key to success is now being recognised by companies like Leadstar Media. Leadstar Media has a focus on showing trust around player safety through their product offering, rather than using marketing to build it.

We do not consider marketing to be our primary method of image development. Instead, we succeed by giving our customers the finest products, only dealing with legitimate operators, and explicitly stating and demonstrating these beliefs inside our products.

Operators and us as their affiliates have a responsibility to clearly communicate to the general public which operators are legal and safe. We believe that it is important for us to hold a light up to the unregulated offshore operators that put people in dangerous situations.

There is a correlation between trust and market maturity

When consumers head into a supermarket, they tend to pick a brand that they fundamentally trust, and that’s the same point that Rutherford makes. How are they going to make a decision on these? A stamp of approval from a governing food body could be obtained by looking out for trustworthy sources. Because it is marketed and thus recognized as a reliable brand in this instance, affiliate websites like unitedgamblers.com automatically instill a feeling of confidence in the customer.

At the end of the day, we are vouching for the legitimacy of the operator by putting them on our website.

The importance of building customer’s trust and how that directly leads to higher customer retention is backed up by all the data, why is it that some markets are lagging behind?

There are still a lot of non-licensed brands displayed on various affiliate sites in the US. The question is, is the importance of trust a sign of an immature market?

The importance of trust, among other factors, is most definitely a major indicator that we are still working with an immature and evolving market. The early market period is critical for both the betting operators and us as their affiliates to determine what is most valued by potential customers, and also what we as significant participants in this industry need to convey to our customers to satisfy their values.

Customers are left in the dark and part of the effort done by organizations like Leadstar Media is undercut when an affiliate site that collaborates with illegal businesses promotes offshore books as legitimate solutions.

The best approach for us to overcome this is to stick to our mission of providing high-quality products to our users that offer them the best answer to their queries while explaining them of the legal landscape at the same time.

We believe that if we listen to our customers and design our products to satisfy their needs better than our competition, we will be able to succeed in our company mission as well as to help the industry mature as a whole.

Offline and online presences are different

It is safe to say that users want full transparency when gambling, not only when it comes to odds, but from start to finish.

It stems from an offline presence being a key component for establishing trust in an online brand, especially for the operators themselves. Some brands are able to hide behind the veil because they have a strictly online presence. To have a strong presence in the offline world generally requires some kind of partnership with another entity or brand, and with that comes a great deal of trust with whoever a brand is collaborating with.

For example, big brands like DraftKings Sportsbook have their logo wrapped around multiple major league baseball team’s stadiums, and this instils a sense of trust, a trust which fuels affiliates.

Operators and affiliate sites can enhance their own trustworthiness simply by affiliating themselves with recognized and respected brands.

What do you think the future will look like for affiliates?

The mission of Leadstar Media is the same, and it is up to other companies to follow suit, according to Rutherford.

We will always provide our users with the best products on the market, while maintaining full transparency and doing everything we can to educate our users about the importance of using licensed operators, as well as how to spot and stay away from unlicensed operators.

We are excited to build off of the early success we have seen in the US market, and we are encouraged by the early success.