The Swedish court rejected the final appeal

The Swedish court rejected the final appeal

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court rejected the appeal of the gaming company, meaning it will have to pay a fine of over two million dollars. The Swedish gambling watchdog imposed a fine on the company and they tried to appeal it three times.

In December of last year, the Swedish market received a license for offering betting services. Most of the players are under 18 years of age, so this license excludes wagering on sports events. In March of this year, the Swedish Gambling Authority received information that a gaming company had offered to bet on a soccer match. The teams of Georgia and Slovakia played a match on January 28, 2019. In June of this year, the SGA imposed a fine on the company.

The betting offer was made because of a technical mistake. The company’s gaming system has a filter that makes sure that data about underaged sports events doesn’t reach their customers in Sweden. The match was offered together with other wagering options because of a mistake in the filter. The company has stated that the problem has been solved and that additional controls have been put in place to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

The fine was thrown out despite the explanation from the gaming company. The decision was appealed to the Swedish administrative court. In April 2020, the court partially approved the claim and reduced the fine. Still not happy with the court’s decision, the gaming company appealed to the next instance. That happened in June of 2021. The decision by the administrative court for a fine was upheld by the Swedish court of appeal.

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court was the last instance in which they tried to appeal. On July 13, 2022, that appeal was also rejected. The court proceedings were stated in a statement.

The decision of the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court is final and the fine imposed by the Swedish administrative court will be reduced.


The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court has rejected Zecure Gaming’s appeal against a fine of 3.5 million imposed by the Swedish Gambling Authority for offering betting on a soccer match between youth teams. The fine was imposed in 2019 after Zecure Gaming offered to bet on the match. Zecure Gaming had explained that the offer was made due to a technical mistake.