There is a market for free-to-play betting

There is a market for free-to-play betting

Inside The Pocket is a free-to-play sports betting software platform.

Hussain Naqi believes that this approach offers something unique in the market, as well as providing a range of new content for its clients.

He says that we are different from the rest of the market in that we open up an entire market of free-to-play content. Through this one engagement in integration, you can open up an entire arena of products, which is distinctly different from a specific developer.

Sports betting operators can integrate what Inside The Pocket has to offer, with the idea being that a game that does not require money helps to build loyalty among players. The Inside the Pocket Aggregator model is something that offers choices to operators for the products best suited to them, according to Naqi.

You don’t have to make a decision among these different operators. You do a single integration and choose what you want to do.

He says that Inside the Pocket’s mobile platform has performed well in the US, a market with a preference for mobile-first gaming. US sports betting has been dominated by apps, which is something Naqi says applies to free-to-play as well.

He says that the majority of regulated markets are seeing the most traction on mobile. These are mostly mobile-first markets, even in newer markets like Asia.

You are seeing over-indexing from a mobile perspective even when you look at the data for usage. For us, serving that market is critical because we are here to serve our customers and that is exactly where their customers reside.

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Naqi’s background as a senior vice president of international development for the Jacksonville Jags feeds directly into Inside The Pocket’s.

Naqi says that he has a background in marketing and fan engagement. There is nothing more important than your fans and trying to figure out how best to entertain them, how to best attract them and how best to retain them. That is what we are looking to do at Inside The Pocket.

Customer acquisition is one of the most important points of Inside the Pocket.

Naqi says that they are looking to engage with customers at Inside The Pocket and WonderWins. We help our clients and their customers acquire customers of their own.

Customer engagement can be ensured by a platform that offers relevant, dynamic content.

Naqi believes that there is a reason why it is cliché to say that content is king. There is a certain degree of truth to that.

When trying to appeal to a wide range of potential customers, Inside the Pocket needs to be attentive to changes in the industry.

Regardless of where you are, your taste is going to be different than mine, or my taste is going to be different than yours. The content that you consume will be determined by your taste. The content I consume will be determined by my taste.

Naqi thinks that using content inefficiently can hurt potential business.

If one of us is not able to flex our content offering based on what we want, then that is not good for business, whether it is my business or my client’s business.

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He believes that the amount of data, verification and content Inside The Pocket has on offer speaks for itself. He believes that the sports betting space requires a certain level of flexibility.

We cultivate the space as a flexible and ever-evolving piece of content, and we think about it a lot more as a whole.

Inside The Pocket is working to better integrate itself into the mobile sports betting market following a $4m pre-Series A funding round earlier this year that included investment from a range of businesses.

Naqi believes that the business perspective on the market allows Inside the Pocket to be a truly individual product.

Naqi said, “I think for us, we view this domain as fundamentally differently to probably some of the others in this space.”

We are not really competitive with other people. Operators and developers are helped by us to grow their businesses. We want to make sure that we are helping everybody out and not ruffling too many feathers along the way.


US-based free-to-play sports betting software platform Inside The Pocket’s Founder and CEO Hussain Naqi said, “We’re distinctly different from the rest of the market, in that through a single integration, we open up an entire market of free-to-play content.” “So we’re distinctly different from a specific developer in that, through this one engagement in integration, you can open up an entire arena of products,” he added.