There are details on the Collective Agreement

There are details on the Collective Agreement


A new collective agreement has been reached between Canada’s Crown corporation and its professional staff. The deal was approved by the workers on Tuesday, September 20, and will be in effect for six years. Workers are only required to be in the office for four days a month.

The two parties shook hands on a new collective agreement after resolving the conflict with their professional staff. The deal is expected to be in effect for six years after the workers voted on it. Workers are only required to be in the office for four days a month.

The Syndicat des professionnels du gouvernement du Québec represents 455 professionals in the Crown corporation. At the end of August, they rejected one agreement in principle between the union and employer, thus leading to a general strike, which affected operations for the Crown. However, they haven’t returned to their positions.

The new contract is a new one

After the announcement of the agreement between the union and employer, the Crown corporation shared some more information. 455 workers will be required to work from the office only four days a month according to the arrangement. The majority of the workers were fond of the terms and voted to accept them.

The union said that the new collective agreement will be in effect until the end of the century. For the duration of the contract, it grants a salary increase of 2% per year, as well as some bonuses and lump sums. A 2.5% lump sum will be paid upon signing the contract, and a 6.5% lump sum will be paid in 2022.

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The last lump sum will be paid in the year 2022, according to the union. Retention bonuses of 1% per year will be paid in both of the following years. There will be a bonus of 10% for 35 employees. The telecommuting department will be able to use the new requirement for only four days at the office.

The new contract states that the working week will be increased from 35 hours to 37.5 hours. Both the employer and the union are satisfied with the compact. The management of the Crown agency shared that it was pleased to have reached a responsible agreement with its professional staff while meeting the objectives of both sides.

The Crown agency reported that the draws for Lotto 6/49 are back to normal after the two sides agreed on a new collective agreement. The launch of a new and improved version of the game was delayed because of the general strike. Despite the new rules of the game, tickets remained at CA$3 per entry, despite the fact that it has now resumed.

There are new facilities opening across Quebec

In July, it was announced that a brand-new Kinzo hall would be opening in Longueuil. The new venue is located at 1591 BoulevardRoland-Therrien. It is located next to the Crown’s bingo hall, and has a 72 player capacity. 17 non-profit organizations in the region will receive funding from the two, according to the company.

The staff of loto-québec are required to be in the office for only 4 days a month.