Safety checks and metal detector delays are part of the Fremont Street Experience

Safety checks and metal detector delays are part of the Fremont Street Experience

Those trying to get to the FSE are being slowed down by metal detectors and security searches. There was a backup on Casino Center this weekend.

A. Davis, a social media poster on Vital Vegas, posted a photo of the delays near the mall. In order to get to work, Davis had to go through the crowds.

The FSE had crowds go through detectors, checked their bags, and screened their IDs this weekend for the second weekend in a row. There is a limited weekend curfew for those under 21 years of age. On weekends, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has increased its presence on and around Fremont Street.

Following recent shootings and other violent crimes in the area, the safeguards were put in place. The most serious was on June 19 when a 16-year-old boy shot and killed a man at the FSE. An innocent bystander was wounded by gunfire.

Social media posters warned about the impact of the detectors and searches on patronizing local businesses. They said the delays were annoying to visitors.

TheDetectors shouldn’t discourage passers to not go to a casino, as it cuts down on potential kiosk businesses.

Some would-be visitors are staying away from the area.

Many of the new safeguards came from a meeting organized by the Las Vegas Mayor. Business leaders, police officials, and city leaders attended the event.

One poster, G.E.R., said, “This is what happens when politicians get involved.”

The current curfew in Las Vegas is for those under 18 years of age. If enacted, it would be increased to include those between 18 and 20.

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The reasoning behind the detectors was defended by other posters.

Is there a way to escape the crowd?

The back doors of all the casinos were open and there were no metal detectors, according to one poster.

FSE President and CEO Andrew Simon said in a statement that the first weekend of increased security was a success.

The increased police presence on and around Fremont Street will continue through the summer. The report states that FSE has permission for the security checks.

There is no data yet on arrests, stops, and weapon seizures for this weekend. There have been no new fatal shootings or serious violence in the area.


Metal detectors and security searches are slowing down those trying to reach the Fremont Street Experience (FSE), nearby casinos, and other attractions in downtown Las Vegas. This weekend is the second one in a row the FSE had crowds go through detectors, checked pedestrians’ bags, and screened IDs. The new safeguards include a limited weekend curfew on those under 21 years of age.