Mofunobi and Grupo Pefaco are in Africa

Mofunobi and Grupo Pefaco are in Africa

A Spanish casino holding based in Barcelona has doubled down on its expansion into the African market. The company has formed a partnership with Moobifun, a French B2B iGaming company. Pefaco’s content will be digitalized and it will be able to conquer i gaming in Africa.

Pefaco is on the internet

In West Africa, the retail offerings of Grupo Pefaco are very popular. The company decided to take the next step and go online because of this. Pefacto’s products will be fully digitalized by Moobifun, using its experience with iGaming and online content. The tech-savvy company will use its online marketing knowledge to make the operator’s new online offer as appealing as possible.

The first six African countries where the company runs casinos will be targeted by the online offer. Digital scratch cards, number games and lotteries will be offered by the company in order to increase its brand awareness in the region.

The agreement will allow players in six countries to make easy transfers when playing online, thanks to Moobifun’s proprietary Mobile Money solution.

Moobifun is looking forward to working with the operator

Louis Mecklembourg, head of business development and sales at Moobifun, shared his thoughts on the deal. He praised the success of the land-based venues of the business.

Mecklembourg said that he was glad to help with the online distribution of Pefaco’s acclaimed content.

We are thrilled to help the African operation of Grupo Pefaco, who built a successful business within the bricks-and-mortar casino space. Louis Mecklembourg is the head of business development for Moobifun.

The company has more than three decades of experience in the gambling market. It has access to markets in three continents and is interested in expanding its presence even more. The company strives to be in line with contemporary gambling by modernizing its approach.

Many companies are looking for opportunities in the Africa market. One of the biggest gambling holdings recently unveiled an African arm. Sportech was appointed as the company’s full-service betting and gaming platform provider soon after it was created.

Betfred entered into a deal with LottoStar to expand in South Africa.


Spanish casino operator Grupo Pefaco has partnered with Moobifun, a French B2B iGaming company, to digitalise its content and conquer the African market. The agreement will see Moobifun power Pefaco with its proprietary Mobile Money solution, allowing players in Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, the Ivory Coast, Niger and Togo to make easy transfers when playing online.