“Italy’s online sports betting revenue fell in May.”

“Italy’s online sports betting revenue fell in May.”

For the first time in more than a year, online sports betting revenue fell below the 100 million mark. This is less than the 153.5 million from May 2021. This drastic year-on-year drop is partially explained by restrictions that were in place on the retail sector in May last year, prompting more customers to bet online.

After a period of stability, retail sports betting fell from 83.5 million in April to 66.4 million in May.

The casino revenue increased slightly to 161.8 from 155.1 million. In May, the igaming revenue product split swayed away from sports betting, taking up only 35.3% of the market, as opposed to 40.7% in April.

The biggest online casino operators saw their market share fall last month, but have mostly recovered. Snai remained at a 7.3% market share while Lottomatica and Sisal both went down. The market share of Pokerstars fell to 8.5%, almost wiping out the gains it had made in recent months, when it rose to a high of 9.7%.

Individual companies made large gains in market share in May in sports betting. Planetwin365 increased its market share from 9.6% in April to 11.5% in May.

We need to go all the way back to November 2020 to find the last time the business had a high market share. A larger share of the combined online and retail sports betting market has been achieved by this increase.

This gain in the overall sports betting market for planetWin365 was overshadowed by Goldbet, which now hold a market share of 21.3%, compared to last month’s 15.5%. This is the first time since April 2020 that an operator has exceeded the 20.0% threshold.

Pokerstars’ market shares for poker cash games and tournament play both took a dip in May as the company lost some of its steam. Its share of the tournament market fell to 44.7% from 48.8% in April, while its share of cash games fell to 41.9% from 43.4%. At the same time, and continuing the trend of big gains in May, E-Play 24 made up a lot of ground in both cash games and tournament play. Its revenue from tournament play increased to 9.8% from 7.8%. The increase was even more pronounced in cash games, as its market share increased to 12.5% from 9.6% in April.

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Spain’s online sports betting revenue dropped below 100 million for the first time since October 2021, according to GGR. This is partially explained by restrictions that were in place on the retail sector in May last year, prompting more customers to bet online. However, retail sports betting also suffered a sudden decline on a month-on-month basis after a period of stability.