The casino has plans for a Sportsbook

The casino has plans for a Sportsbook


Dave Cassidy, president of Unifor Local 444, said that Caesars Windsor Casino is considering opening a brick-and- mortar store. He said that the casino’s activities are better than a year ago, and that they are returning to normal. 30% of the casino’s business comes from US visits, so there is still a problem with that.

According to reports from Windsor, Ontario, Caesars Windsor Casino is interested in starting a land-based sportsbook. Dave Cassidy, president of Unifor Local 444, said that the gaming property has recovered well from previous closings, but still suffers from border issues. That is the reason why a brick-and-mortar sportsbook could be useful.

Similar to any other gaming property in Ontario over the last two years, the Windsor casino has been affected by the many closures and health and safety restrictions surrounding the unprecedented situation. The casino still experiences difficulties when it comes to patrons arriving from the U.S., despite the fact that most of the staff has returned to its positions.

Increasing the number of guests

President of Unifor Local 444, Mr. Cassidy stated that the casino activities are returning to normal and that they are better than a year ago. In his words, there is still a problem with U.S. visitors as they make up 30% of the casino’s business. The company is considering bringing a brick-and-mortar sportsbook to its premises.

The introduction of a sportsbook in Ontario will surely attract more business to the casino. The casino has live entertainment again, although the atmosphere is not nearly the same as it once was. The union’s president claimed that a possible sportsbook would ensure that the establishment will enhance its amenities.

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Mr. Cassidy said that it was not clear when the casino would reopen its Market Buffet. He said that the buffet does not make money for the property, and that the union and the company are working on that. He insists that the union continues to push to bring all of its unionized members back to work.

He explained that it is not known how many of the union members have moved on to another job. He said that a lot of people have already left and not returned. He stated that he and the union are working to bring back all of its members to work at the casino.

The contracts for staff and operator have been agreed to

Unifor Local 444 and Caesars Windsor Casino were able to agree on a new collective contract in March of this year. 98% of workers voted in favor of the contract, according to the union. The proposed terms would grant union members a wage increase over the next three years, as well as some hefty signing bonuses for full-time and part-time positions.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation owns and operates the Caesars Windsor Casino. The operator has agreed to extend its contract by another year, according to the OLG. The previous agreement would have allowed the company to operate the casino until August 2024, but now it will be possible to do so until August 2025.

There are more staff back, but border issues continue to be a challenge for Caesars.