The attendance records for Goliath X were smashed

The attendance records for Goliath X were smashed


The largest poker room in the UK was set a new record with 10,584 entrants. The buy-in for the event increased to around 12,000. Kyle Jeffrey added his name to those inscribed on the cup after winning the first-place prize.

The biggest event by attendance on the UK poker calendar is the Goliath. The biggest player in the event’s history was seen this year. The turnout for the event was the biggest ever outside of Vegas, setting a new record for tourney size outside of Vegas.

The G Casino becomes the largest poker room in the UK for a few weeks when it is located beneath the local football team’s arena. It was necessary to have all that space. On the busiest days, the tourney field took up most of the floor, crowding out side- events and satellites.

The low buy-in, high guarantee event attracts thousands of players to the G Casino every year and there will be exceptions in 2020 and 2021.

The number of entries this year was 10,584.

The price of poker is increasing

In the past, the buy-in for the Goliath has ranged from £100 to £25, depending on how aggressive the Grosvenor team is. This year, the buy-in rose to £120 + £30 because of inflation.

If a 25% rake seems a bit much, at least Coventry City F.C. did its part to increase the tourney’s return on investment. During the first day of flights, the team lost two matches. The field was stocked with a lot of local players and they were able to drown their sorrows at the bar.

The prize pool and first place prize were increased as a result of the increased buy-in and record turnout.

Kyle Jeffrey’s biggest win was when he took down the first-place prize and added his name to the cups engraved with his name.