“It’s called Kings Ent.” There were achievements and results in July

“It’s called Kings Ent.” There were achievements and results in July

Kings Entertainment issued its monthly recap report for July on August 15th. It has been a great month for the company in terms of performance, as it reported a significant increase in active customers and lottery revenue. It will continue its strong performance and recovery in the year 2022.

Kings Entertainment was founded back in 2005 and is based in British Columbia. The company provides digital services for lottery, casino, and sportsbook gambling. It is also a parent company of gaming leaders such as LottoKings and WinTrillions, which manage to acquire millions of customers through their first-class lottery, casino, and sports betting products.

Another successful month has just begun

The gaming leader reported a boost in revenue and lottery revenue in its latest monthly report, despite the increase of won jackpots in July. In the month of June, lottery sales increased by 18% compared to the previous month, while total active customers increased by 9%.

Steve Budin, CEO of Kings Entertainment commented that the company and its team of professionals are delighted with the performance in July, which has brought a strong return for lottery jackpots. He said that it has been a difficult year for the company, but that its team remains focused on keeping players engaged and their efforts have paid off.

Business news in May

The parent company of Bet99 and Kings Entertainment entered into a business combination agreement in May of this year. One of the most prominent names in Canadian internet sport and casino platforms is the brand. The combination makes it possible for the B.C.-based company to build leadership positions in each jurisdiction its partner enters.

Bet99’s sports wagering brand is about to be brought to public capital markets, as Kings Entertainment has both CSE and OTC listings, and the merger is set to bring both companies a tremendous amount of benefit. Thus, making both companies even more appealing for investment in the long-term future, while also placing them in an exceptional market position.

There was a May recap

In the month of May 2022, the gaming provider once again reported an increase in customer registration and depositing customer numbers through its WinTrillions and LottoKings websites. Over the course of the month of May, the corporation saw approximately 13,000 new sign-ups, which is a 900% increase over the same period in the previous year.

There was an increase in the number of active casino users as well as the number of active players on the live and virtual casinos. The company’s casino revenue decreased by over 50% in May. The customers wins on the vertical can be explained. The company’s overall active customer has increased by 3% with the increase of active casino users.

Yahoo reported on the July corporate highlights of Kings Entertainment shares.


British Columbia-based gaming and lottery provider, Kings Entertainment, has reported an 18% increase in lottery sales in July compared to June. The company’s WinTrillions and Lotto Kings both recorded lottery sales last month, with total active customers increasing by 9%. In May, the company reported an increase in customer registration and depositing.