A Politician in Louisiana is struggling with a gambling addiction

A Politician in Louisiana is struggling with a gambling addiction

According to news reports, a prominent Louisiana politician is likely to plead guilty to a federal charge. She paid back $50,000 to the state’s Democratic Party on Wednesday.

There is no clarity on what the reported possible plea deal involves. Sources told The New Orleans Advocate a guilty plea is likely.

She is being investigated by the federal government, according to a local TV station. Financial questions are the focus of the investigation, according to the newspaper. She has a problem with gambling, the report adds.

He was in the Louisiana state senate for a number of years. She resigned earlier this year. She was a representative in the state house for 10 years.

She lost the congressional race to Troy Carter. Between 2012 and 2020 she was the chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

He was a vice chair of the Democratic National Committee in the last two years.

Brian Capitelli, a former federal prosecutor who now represents many defendants on white collar criminal charges, said that the recent moves by Peterson represent an important step in her recovery from her gambling addiction.

Three years ago, she was revealed to have an addiction. WWL reported that a summons was issued for violating a self-imposed ban on entering a casino. She entered the L’Auberge Baton Rouge even though she had put her name on the exclusion list.

She said in a social media post that her addiction was a disease.

In April, when she stepped down from her political post, she said she had gotten inpatient and outpatient treatment for depression and addiction.


Karen Carter Peterson, a prominent Louisiana politician trying to recover from problem gambling, is likely to soon plead guilty to a federal charge, news reports said. On Wednesday, she paid back $50,000 to the state’s Democratic Party after allegedly improperly using the campaign money. The investigation focuses on financial questions and it also is related to her problem gambling, reports added.