Cops are searching for a suspect after an Atlanta Gambler was shot Repeatedly

Cops are searching for a suspect after an Atlanta Gambler was shot Repeatedly

A man was wounded at an Atlanta gasoline station. He had just won a significant amount of money and may have been targeted by the suspect.

The initial motive for the shooting appears to be robbery. The two got into a fight after the bandit demanded money.

The suspect fled from the Citgo station after shooting the victim. The bandit did not get any of the victim’s cash, according to initial reports.

The suspect shooting the victim multiple times was involved in a physical dispute with the victim.

As of late Tuesday, the bandit was still on the run. During the attempted robbery, he may have been wearing dark clothes.

The victim was taken to Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital. He was listed in stable condition later on Tuesday, according to the Atlanta TV station.

Police said that he was alert, conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital for treatment. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

The same week that Atlanta City Council members are looking into how to curb crime at gasoline stations and nightclubs, another Atlanta TV station reported.

Doug Shipman, the City Council President, told the TV station that a program called Connect Atlanta allows businesses and residents to link their cameras into APD technology.

If a gas station is frequently targeted for robberies, council members could pass a regulation that would close it.

In May of this year, a gambling disagreement turned into a deadly shooting at an Atlanta apartment complex. A man died from his injuries.

At the scene of the crime, at least one handgun was seized.

The argument led to the shooting, according to the commander of APD’s homicide unit. The case was being investigated as a murder.

Three men pled guilty in connection with an alleged illegal sports betting operation in Georgia last year. According to statements from federal officials, the scheme used two legitimate businesses.


A man was shot multiple times at a gasoline station in US’ Atlanta after he won a “significant” amount of money gambling, police said. The two apparently got into a struggle after the robber demanded his money. “A physical dispute ensued between the victim and suspect which resulted in the suspect shooting the victim multiple times,” police added.