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Shahade will give away a Platinum pass

Summary: Pokerstars and Jen Shahade have launched a contest to find a hand that sticks out in a player’s poker career. The winner of the Poker Stars Player’s NL Hold….

The UKGC slapped GGPoker with a fine

Summary: The parent company of online gambling site GGPoker has been fined by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission for “social responsibility and anti-money laundering failures”. GGPoker failed to identify and….

There is a launch date on Meta Quest Pro

Summary: The world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars, has launched a virtual-reality game on Meta’s Quest Pro virtual-reality headset. The game features a fully immersive virtual reality experience, partial immersion….

More than $200,000 seized

Summary: The owner of the Social Club in Texas, US, Joe Vongkaysone, faces multiple charges, including participating in organised criminal activity, keeping a gambling place, and promoting illegal gambling. The….