The name of the event centre was announced by the OLG

The name of the event centre was announced by the OLG


The new entertainment centre at Fallsview Casino Resort will be officially named ‘Stage at Fallsview Casino’. The theatre is expected to open later this year. The theatre is connected to the Fallsview Casino Resort and will have food and beverage options.

The new entertainment centre at Fallsview Casino Resort is one step closer to opening. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the operator of Fallsview Casino announced this week that the stage will be named after them. The new venue is expected to open in the fall.

The OLG Stage at Fallsview Casino was supposed to open at the beginning of 2020, however, it was delayed due to the unprecedented situation. Even after live entertainment returned at Fallsview Casino Resort last year, the venue remained closed, and the OLG reported that it still has to apply some finishing touches to it.

It is closer to opening than it has ever been

The Crown is very pleased to have collaborated with MGE on this project, which will allow it to provide more entertainment and tourism to the region. He believes that the OLG is proud of the new facility, and that the OLG Stage at Fallsview Casino is another example of how the OLG plays for Ontario.

Gambling and entertainment have always been a big part of the province’s economy, according to the Minister of Finance. The owner and operator of the casino were thanked by him for bringing this world-class entertainment initiative to the region, as it would benefit the region by creating jobs and generating growth opportunities for local businesses.

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State-of-the-art sound and lights systems, as well as an unobstructed view from every seat, will be part of the new 5,000-seat venue that is expected to open in the fall. It is an excellent entertainment venue for every visitor. The Fallsview Casino Resort is connected to the theatre through a newly developed glass corridor which provides easy access for all guests.

The President of the casino shared his excitement about the entertainment centre. He believes that the venue will increase tourism, provide more hotel stays and bolster the customer experience. The casino has prepared a riveting live show schedule which will be revealed to the public in the upcoming weeks, according to him.

All the amenities need to be reopened

The Fallsview Casino Resort made another step towards full recovery in July of 2022. The gaming property reopened its Grand Buffet after two years. Patrons and guests can eat at the diner from Thursday to Monday from 4 to 9 p.m. It has a good selection of food and some new ones to liven it up.

Online markets are being expanded to

Fallsview Casino Resort’s patrons will be happy to learn that the gaming brand is now available to play online in Ontario. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario approved MGE to operate in the new iGaming market a few months ago. PlayFallsview is an online platform that is live to play in the province.

The OLG and MGE have revealed the name of the New Niagara Fall Entertainment Centre.