Casino Montréal issued a statement

Casino Montréal issued a statement

There was an update on the situation at its Casino Montréal and its protesting gambling workers on August 4, 2022. The Crown corporation shared that it is unaware of the conflict, as its croupiers already benefit from the best conditions in the gambling sector, while also offering them substantial improvements on conditions.

Over 500 croupiers walked off the job at the Montreal gaming amenity in May of 2022, and the protests have been going on ever since. The workers found the Crown corporation’s terms for a new collective agreement insufficient and have even complained about getting physical problems from dealing cards and a lack of adequate breaks.

Negotiating is Willing to Negotiate

It is difficult to understand the reaction of the Syndicat des croupiers et croupires from Casino Montréal. According to the Crown agency, Montreal croupiers enjoy some of the best benefits and conditions in the casino industry, and that the employer has already offered them improved terms in the new collective agreement.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3939, which represents the workers, stated that negotiations with the employer have hit a roadblock. The Crown commented that the comments came as a surprise since the company is willing to discuss a new collective agreement and the union has left the discussions table several times already.

The employer stated that it was surprised to see the workers reject the proposed terms as the unions of other casinos have accepted similar terms in the last few months. The unionized croupiers of Casino du Lac-Leamy and the Casino de Charlevoix agreed to a new collective agreement.

One of the demands of the croupiers is that they receive 30 minutes paid break for each hour worked. They will spend more than 30% of their shift on a paid break. The Crown corporation is adamant that it cannot agree to such terms from the perspective of responsible management of public funds and that it is unusual for the industry.

There is an impact on gaming activities

The casino has been the scene of numerous strikes since the croupiers walked off the job. Work at the gaming property has continued despite the strike, according to the employer. The most popular games, such as blackjack and roulette, continue as usual, according to the Crown agency.

Catering, shows, and slot games are all back to normal. The venue still enjoys a lot of interest in its gaming tables even though they are not at their full potential. The company has enjoyed a very strong start to the year, and it was also stated that its other gaming establishments are not affected.

According to a source, loto-québec is ready to continue negotiations to reach a responsible agreement.


The Crown corporation that operates Casino Montréal in Montreal has said that it is unaware of the conflict between its gambling workers and their employer. The workers walked off the job on May 21 after they found the Crown corporation’s terms for a new collective agreement insufficient. The workers said they got physical problems from dealing cards.