Gaming activities for friends

Gaming activities for friends

Kinzo Sherbrooke is ready to welcome back individuals who are ready to try this classic gaming offering. It recently launched operation and they could experience it all in a brand new environment. If you’re interested, you could easily make your way to 4201 rue Bertrand-Fabi and see what’s new. There were up to 72 individuals who could gamble at the same time.

The gambling sessions of all individuals in Southern Quebec and Estrie are going to be improved. If you are a fan of alternative gaming offerings with a dynamic vibe, then Kinzo Sherbrooke is the way to go. Over the past few years, the Crown corporation has been working towards its online gaming expansion, and now it is time for land-based diversification as well.

The new hall is called Kinzo Hall

The Executive Vice- President and Chief Operating Officer of Gaming Establishments at Loto-Québec made it clear that customers are more than welcome to make their way to the Kinzo hotspot once again, this time at its brand-new location. The new Kinzo hall could accommodate up to 72 of them at a time, giving them enough space to explore and enjoy the gaming offerings.

The Kinzo hall is located next to a Bingo hall, which is perfect for fans of classic gambling offerings. The proximity of the two locations could result in more Bingo fans trying Kinzo for the first time. If Estrie wants to remain a popular destination and attract new individuals looking for entertainment, the addition of the Kinzo Sherbrooke location is the way to go.

Ms. Fraser said that the management was grateful for the employees and partners who collaborated on the project. The region could expect more benefits down the road, as a result of the gambling revenue. There are seven non-profit organizations in the region that are set to receive funding.

Nature is the game’s nature

We are here to help you understand what Kinzo really means. The game invites people and makes them feel part of the community. All you need to play the game is a card. To hit the button first would be the ultimate goal. If you want, you can come alone or with a group. You can get ready to play at any game table if you take a seat.

There is a chance to win up to CA$25,000 in one round. The Kinzo halls are overseen by the Crown corporation and all of them are connected to each other. You can come and leave when you please. There is no limit to the amount of time you can play Kinzo. Up to six players can be seated at each table.

There is a new Kinzo room in the city of Sherbrooke.


In Quebec’s Estrie, a new Kinzo hall has been opened by Canada’s Crown corporation. The new Kinzo hall can accommodate up to 72 individuals at a time, giving them enough space to explore and enjoy the gaming offerings. The Kinzo hall is located next to a bingo hall.