A man from Nova Scotia won the largest instant win prize

A man from Nova Scotia won the largest instant win prize

According to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, a Nova Scotia man has become part of history as he is the winner of the largest Instant Win prize on alc.ca. Timothy Lewis, who lives in Kentville, N.S., decided to give Set for Life a try because he plays Lotto Max and Lotto 6/49 often.

Set for Life is a Scratch’N game that is offered by the ALC to the local population, and it is available both at retail locations or online on its official platform alc.ca. When a player gets the top prize, they have the chance to choose between receiving CA$1,000 a week for 25 years or an instant CA$675,000.

A life-changing prize is up for grabs

Mr. Lewis explained how he won the Instant Win windfall. The Kentville man said that he had a little money left in his alc.ca account and that he was sitting in his recliner after purchasing a Lotto Max ticket. He bought a ticket for the instant win game Set for Life because he wanted to play another title.

After winning CA$4 on his first ticket, the Nova Scotia local decided to get one more. He got CA$8 on his second try and continued to play. He got an alert on his phone when he bought another one, that he had won a Set for Life top prize. He immediately contacted his wife to show her the notification and let her know about the amazing news.

He said that his wife thought the major winning was a scam when she first heard about it. The feeling started to sink in after Mr. Lewis received an email from the Crown corporation showing the ALC logo. Most of the reactions he got were asking him if it was real, as he was extremely happy with the life-changing win.

With the money, the winners plan to use a portion to cover their mortgage and plan an earlier retirement. They are also going to treat themselves with a new SUV. Someday, their children will get their wishes for new phones and cars. The ticket was purchased online by Mr. Lewis.

It has been acknowledged for its efforts

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is a state-run agency that operates and oversees regulated gambling and lottery options for the Atlantic region. The Crown corporation offers fun but responsible gaming products, and it was recently awarded another accreditation. This program is considered to be the most comprehensive gaming accreditation program in the world.

The new summer promo is here

ALC strives to improve its content and provide more variety to its players. The summer days contest is a holiday-themed promotion that will award numerous season-themed items and some generous cash prizes. There will be time until September 5, 2022, for players to register their entries for a chance at the many prizes.

The largest Instant Win prize ever with Set for Life was won by the N.S. man.


A Nova Scotia man named Timothy Lewis has become the winner of the largest ever Instant Win prize on Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s (ALC) platform alc.ca. Lewis bought a ticket for the instant win game ‘Set for Life’. When a player obtains the top prize, they have the opportunity to choose between receiving CA$1,000 every week for the next 25 years or getting an instant CA$675,000.